The ending of cyberpunk edgerunners has many people doubting David died while also has many people doubting David is actually alive. Join me as we take a look at common theories as to why David is believed to be dead as well as theories that he is alive. It’s time to shed some light on these ending fan theories.

Lucy Is NOT Who You Think:
David’s Fate is WORSE Than Death:
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The ending of Cyberpunk: Edgerunners was so clear and yet so ambiguous at the same time. So many people have found it hard to believe David died, while so many people have found it hard to believe David is actually alive… In this short video, I’ll break down everything we know about David’s death at the end of cyberpunk edgerunners and what we can expect from season 2.

The fact that you can order the david martinez in cyberpunk 2077 leads some to believe that David is confirmed dead but that is not the case. Who could’ve confirmed his death when Falco and Lucy fled before seeing him actually die? Falco’s conversation in 2077 and finding David’s jacket are also used as justification but are just as ambiguous as the drink in The Afterlife.

So what are the possibilities for edgerunners season 2? Well, the story could: follow an entirely new crew, show Adam Smasher’s backstory, have David become the next smasher, cover the time skip in ep 7, dive into Katsuo’s story, mirror the story of johnny silverhands, and many other fan theories covered in this video!

I’m Bumper Jumper, dedicated to exploring the deepest and most profound stories in anime, video games, movies, and TV shows. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this in the comments below!

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