Cyberpunk Edgerunners is a new anime by studio trigger starring David Martinez and Lucy. Cyberpunk edgerunners also has Rebecca and she is awesome. This is the point of Cyberpunk Edgerunners – at least form what I can tell. The cyberpunk genre goes beyond cyberpunk 2077, it’s themes are core to its genre. Are we free? Can we trust our own perception? Support my Stream debut and P4 video!

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00:00 Cool Intro info
00:48 The Past & The Future
03:21 Cyberpsychosis
04:10 Not Built Different
05:25 Maine’s Model
06:09 The Allegory
06:37 Literal Interpretations
07:30 Venomous Sentimentality
08:12 Societal Interpretations
09:03 Rats in a Maze
09:40 Cyberpunk
10:49 Flesh Machines
11:40 inevitable loops
12:59 Immersion Breaking Plug
13:58 Outro