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Cyberpunk 2077 (Patch 1.7)

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It’s not a mod. I use SYNAPTIC ACCELERATOR nervous system cyberware (Slows time by 30% for 2 sec. when you are detected by enemies) + KERENZIKOV (Same but in sliding). Since it’s just two separate cyberwares I can freely use the cyberdeck.

Legendary rarity “TETRATRONIC RIPPLER MK.4”
10 Base RAM
8 Buffer Size
6 Slots

Guns in videos:
Power Revolver “OVERTURE”
Modules: Silencer ” XC-10 CETUS” and Scope “OS-1 GIMLETEYE”


Power Pistol “NUE”
Modules: Silencer ” XC-10 ALECTO”

My PC:
RTX 3060 12Gb
Core i9 10850k (5.2GHz)
Asus Z590
32Gb DDR 4 4000MHz
SSD 250gb + 500Gb (Samsung EVO)
beQuite DarkRock 4
PS 700w beQuite