Edgerunners: Lucy

When Cyberpunk 2077 was released, it was a significant event in the gaming industry. This year we expect the game’s spin-off to come out. An amazing anime show is called Edgerunners. Lucy is one of the leading characters in the series.

Edgerunners Lucy

There’s not much information concerning her personality at the moment. Let’s see what we already know about the girl and the show in general.

The team behind the series

The anime is produced by Japanese Studio Trigger. It consists of former studio Gainax members, who created multiple legendary animated projects. The most popular ones are Royal Space Force and Neon Genesis Evangelion.

The show’s director, character designer, composer, and writers altogether form an all-star team. That is, you’re about to witness a quality anime with a great atmosphere and plot.

Edgerunners: Lucy and her role in the show

This teenage girl is an introversive type of person. For that reason, at the start of the series, the viewers know little about her. Lucy appears like an enigma, unwilling to reveal any information regarding her life.

The girl’s past is a mystery. However, we can guess that there are some sore memories emerging in her head. Now, the main goal is to survive in a dystopian world full of hardships.


The show revolves around Lucy and David, the anime’s main characters. They compliment each other, displaying quite a different behavior, yet having some features in common.

Similar to David and other edgerunners, Lucy struggles for freedom. She also fights for the people she cares about.