Edgerunners: David

The universe of this anime has multiple edgerunners. David is one of the most rebellious ones, who constantly gets into dangerous adventures. Below we go deeper into the character’s personality.

The basics

The events in the series take place in Night City. It’s a dystopian location with futuristic features during the cyberwar. As the anime creators claim, here we’ll witness a more social aspect of the city. The original game, Cyberpunk 2077, didn’t show the place from that perspective.

There are a couple of teenagers in the anime, who are the principal protagonists. The viewers will primarily follow their adventures and actions. Their names are David and Lucy.

Edgerunners: David, as the main protagonist

Edgerunners David

The boy grew up and shaped his personality in a very tough neighborhood. Deep inside he dreams about reuniting with his mother. Another important desire he has is to become accepted by the surrounding world.

Unfortunately, this world constantly presents him with new challenges and unexpected problems. Various difficult situations and questions arise over and over again in front of the boy.


Out of all edgerunners David has one of the most intricate life stories. However, challenges and suffering aren’t limited to his past. In the new reality of Night City, he continues to struggle with ongoing difficulties. Fortunately, the guy has a beautiful companion to unite with. After all, one of the main ideas, according to the developers, is as follows. It’s crucial to find the right people who deserve to be sacrificed for.