I didn’t expect much from this anime, but… damn!
This is my arrangement of I Really Want To Stay At Your House from Cyberpunk 2077 & Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

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Guitar: Yamaha APX500III
Capo: G7th (Nashville & Performance)
Strings: Elixir Strings Phosphor Bronze (Light)
Tripod: Tripod 380A
Microphone: Blue Yeti
Software: Camtasia 2021 & Audacity
Camera: Samsung Galaxy S7
About this song:
Composer: Rosa Walton, Hallie Coggins
Name: I Really Want To Stay At Your House
From: Cyberpunk 2077, Cyberpunk: Edgerunners
Arrangement: Alex Rosales Sierra
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I couldn’t wait for you to come clear the cupboards
But now you’re going to leave with nothing but a sign
Another evening I’ll be sitting reading in between your lines
Because I miss you all the time

So, get away
Another way to feel what you didn’t want yourself to know
And let yourself go
You know you didn’t lose your self-control
Let’s start at the rainbow
Turn away
Another way to be where you didn’t want yourself to go
Let yourself go
Is that a compromise

So what do you wanna do, what’s your point-of-view?
There’s a party soon, do you wanna go?
A handshake with you, what’s your point-of-view?
I’m on top of you, I don’t wanna go
‘Cause I really wanna stay at your house
And I hopе this works out
But you know how much you broke me apart
I’m done with you, I’m ignoring you
I don’t wanna know