Cyberpsychosis is a terrifyingly dangerous condition that is far too prevalent in the cyberpunk universe. But what if what we’ve been told about it is a lie? By the end of this video, I hope to have you rethink what we know about cyberpsychosis.

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Cyberpsychosis is one of the most personally terrifying concepts I’ve ever seen in anime. The idea of someone losing themselves and being thrown into a bloody rage, endangering even the people closest to them is a nightmarish thought. We’ve been told that cyberpsychosis is caused by the increased use of cyberware, but is this actually the truth? After extensive research I’ve compiled the most prevalent theories surrounding cyberpsychosis and the major implications they have. My goal in this short video is to change your perception and present my case that cyberpsychosis is not what it seems.

The people of Night City are conditioned to believe that cyberpsychosis is caused by the increased use of cyberware but isn’t this definition a bit too convenient? It places the blame on the individual rather than the products or the living conditions of Night City. In this video I discuss the various examples of proof that cyberpsychosis is not what it seems as well as the most popular fan theories surrounding cyberpsychosis. From cyberpsychos being controlled, to rogue AIs hacking people, to corporations and governments inventing the condition, to a conspiracy to create products that deliberately cause cyberpsychosis, these theories are sure to make you rethink what you know about cyberpsychosis!

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